Twelve internationally-acclaimed chefs reveal themselves through their dishes, memories and experiences. This is the aim of Anforchettabol, which, in Italian, is a funny word play that mixes the phonetic spelling of the word “unforgettable” (pronounced with an Italian accent) and the word “forchetta” (fork) – the universally-accepted symbol of a gourmand.

The author of the book, which was presented first at the Taste of Milano 2011 and will be on sale starting on the 22th of September, is Antonio Marchello (in the picture with chef Carlo Cracco): a professional personal chef for over a decade, he’s written all about his experiences with the people he’s met over the years, in the “search for the lost dish”. The result? Twelve interviews, conversations and “confessions” with his fellow chefs: from Carlo Cracco to Davide Oldani, from Pietro Leemannto Andrea Berton.

While the book is written in Italian, it’s actually worth flipping through if not only just to admire the original photographs taken by Monica Placanica, who captured each chef in his natural environment, conveying their everyday work.

Anforchettabol – gli chef
Curated by Antonio Marchello
Photographs by Monica Placanica
Trenta Editore
To purchase the volume click here


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